We believe age segregated programs are detrimental to the family, the church, and even the unsaved in many ways.  Here are some examples:

  • Programs separate the family during their time at church.
  • A church with many programs also keeps the family separated during the week by requiring evenings away from home.
  • Programs directly and indirectly take up a large percentage of a church’s budget. Expenses can range from the curriculum needed for all the different ages to the “need” for new buildings and classrooms to house the programs and activities. 
  • The scriptures illustrate the home as being the center for hospitality, evangelism, discipleship, prayer meetings and other ministry opportunities.  Today’s approach is to minister “at church.”
  • Children miss the blessing of learning from their parents.  This privilege and responsibility is often passed on to the church staff or lay leaders.
  • Also, spontaneous opportunities for ministries are often neglected by a busy, program oriented church.  For example, if one has to be at church three or four nights a week, the desire and energy to be able to minister and meet a need in one’s own neighborhood is usually avoided because of the many commitments to church.