Grace Christian Fellowship is a Bible believing church that believes that the worship service should be centered on God, and the preaching of the Word of God.  This means that we are first of all Christ Centered.  We have communion every Sunday.  We also believe that the worship service should be a sanctuary from the world, and protected from worldly influences. The music with which we worship will reflect those concerns, with the purpose of directing us toward God, and away from ourselves and the world.

Our order of services is as follows:

  • Welcome and Announcements

  • Opening Hymn

  • Introductory Prayer

  • Catechism Lesson

  • Scripture Reading

  • Sermon

  • Prayer

  • Hymn

  • Lord's Supper

  • Psalm (sung)

  • Corporate Prayer

  • Closing Hymn

  • Benediction

The service begins Sunday at 10:00 and generally concludes between 11:15 and 11:30. 

After the service we eat potluck lunch and fellowship until about 1:30. This meal and fellowship are optional.