Grace Christian Fellowship's goal is the restoration of biblical teachings both in the family and the church. It is our desire to bring back into the mainstream church the proper terminology of the bible. Biblically speaking an elder is a pastor so we call our pastors "elders." However, most churches choose "elders" based on their helpfulness in basic, non-teaching, non-pastoral responsibilities.  The problem with this approach is that the biblical standards for an elder are not applied in the selection of elders.  But if every elder were treated like a pastor, the expectations of men filling that position would rise. We believe that a person who is not ready to be a pastor is not ready to be an elder guiding the affairs of the church. By continually calling our pastors elders, the church will better understand the biblical job of an elder. We don't object to calling our elders pastors because that's exactly what they are, but we desire to restore the honor of the title elder as it exists in Scripture.